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Imatex presents the new collection at KingPins in Amsterdam

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Next week, October 25th and 26th, IMATEX will present the new collection in Amsterdam at the international KingPins Denim event. Even this year there are so many innovation and development, but the target remains unchanged: impress with quality fabrics, unique style and offer a special and customized product for every customer. The flexibility of IMATEX, allows to offer for its […]

Imatex LYOSOFT, wear the nature


IMATEX LYOSOFT preserves the original look of denim combined with an incredible lightness and special hand feeling. IMATEX LYOSOFT ensures high resistance to dry and wet, it is very soft and absorbs moisture very well. This special denim fabric weighs only 160 grams and it is cool to the touch with a low propensity to crease. IMATEX LYOSOFT helps you […]

The main concepts for the SS18 collection: “OVER THE DENIM”


For Imatex basic denim is now long past, the stores are saturated. Consumers are more and more aware of the fabrics used in cheap jeans and they are also comparing them to the identical fabrics used in expensive jeans; the brands need to differentiate themselves, they need style, quality, creativity and above all to give value to their collections. The […]