The textile tradition of IMATEX has a long history, beginning in 1923. At that time, the first generation of the Annunzi family prepared warps for weaving their fabrics with old handlooms. Many years later, in 1990, IMATEX was founded with the first 25 shuttle-less looms. From the beginning, the company’s goal was to offer and ensure the highest quality through several quality controls on the fabric as well as choosing the best raw materials in the market.
This constant objective enabled the Annunzi family to remain in the market for 91 years, passing on the weaving craft from generation to generation. Many elements have changed over time: the level of industrialization, the machinery, the technology, production capacity etc. However, you can still feel the spirit, passion and enthusiasm typical of the production of a creative lab. This long experience continues to make IMATEX unique in the textile market.